1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Short and sweet....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Short and sweet....

I seem to have come down with a flu or something, my stomach is upset...not fun, especially when the head on the boat won't be fixed until sometime tomorrow. It's a loooonnnnggggg walk to the bathrooms on shore. Spent most of the afternoon napping, hoping to feel better when I awoke, and I did, marginally. 
However, got a great price on the new head (thanks, mysterious benefactor!) so all will be hunky dory tomorrow.
On the bright side, the weather today was warm, although overcast... and it's mild this evening - Brian, another transient boater and I, sat and yakked about the challenges of this world until about a half hour or so ago. If the world seems a better place when you wake up, then clearly, someone in authority was listening to us!
So tomorrow - finish an article that is due this evening but that I don't have the energy to complete. Fix the head - ugh! Tidy the boat. Double ugghh.
Time for bed...night all.