1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Aduana the Wonder Puppy® is a big hit!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aduana the Wonder Puppy® is a big hit!

Yesterday was the world premiere of Paws On Board, my seminar about cruising with boats and I was quite pleased with how well it went. Aduana, as you can see from the photo, was schmoozing those in attendance - as more people arrived, she worked the crowd like a Walmart greeter - and charmed everyone.
Aduana, working the early arrivals  at the Toronto International Boat Show
It was quite interesting to discover the crowd's makeup - who owned dogs vs cats, who were powerboaters vs sailors, big dogs vs small - and all of this information helps me to make this seminar even better still.
The question and answer period at the end was most instructive - who knew that a bit of Peptol Bismol will help solve seasickness for a dog, or that Benadryl will calm a dog down in case of snakebite, until you can get to a vet? There were several other questions that brought out interesting responses, as I asked the attendees for their suggestions - there's a lot of knowledge in a group such as this, but before I present these answers to another seminar group, I'll run them by a veterinarian to be sure they're safe for pets.
Our next seminar is the hugely popular Sailing South - First Timer's Guide to the ICW, in about an hour. This one is a much easier seminar, now that I've been presenting it, with annual updates, for the past five years.
btw, thanks to all of those who've expressed their enjoyment of this blog - it's very encouraging! I'll try to live up to your expectations, and please, don't hesitate to comment, or ask questions. Without you, I'm just talking to myself!