1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: May 2016

Friday, May 20, 2016

Cruising in the Real Bahamas....

I recently spent two weeks at Great Harbour Cay Marina in the Berrys, and it's just lovely, but like any time spent on a dock, it's not quite the real thing. Nonetheless, if you're up that way, I highly recommend it as a place to visit - great staff, excellent social activities such as weekly potlucks and the Chill and Grill on Friday nights, wonderful beach, snorkelling and spear fishing - this place has it all. Don't miss the fresh bread from the bakery either - excellent! Manager Hans Febles has got this place running superbly.
Like all good things however, it comes to an end, and I moved on to Sandy Point, my first stop in the Abacos. Sandy Point is quite remote - so remote you can't use credit cards there and there's no bank machines. As I had no cash, this meant no cold beer at the little pub on the beach....but, the waitress, Mercy, sister of the owner, Nancy, handed me a cold Kalik and said, "To welcome you on your first visit!" The people are just as wonderful as the location! The next day, I scrounged through my lockers, found all my laundry money, and managed to buy my own beer to enjoy the beautiful sunset.
Rather than tell you all about this place, let me show you in this two minute video just what you're missing if you don't stop by Sandy Point...
Next stop - well, I'm actually there now - Little Harbour and Pete's Pub. Stay tuned. This place is also very cool.

As many of you know, I'm away on May 27 to lead the Vientos de Cambios (Winds of Change) Rally from Key West to Marina Hemingway - stay tuned for a post directly from Havana!

I've been asked by Commodore Escrich of the Club Nautico to do a presentation while at Marina Hemingway on how Cuba can improve its outreach and facilities to and for cruisers coming to Cuba. The audience will be made up of cruisers, about a dozen invited Cuban officials and at least one American with diplomatic status.
I'm very excited, honoured - and humbled - to be asked to discuss this issue and have a hand in guiding Cuba as it opens its waters, harbours and marinas to America. I'll be videoing the presentation and will make it available to all you LiveBloggers upon my return to the US.

If you haven't yet signed up to join this fall's Sail to the Sun ICW Rally, you'd better move quickly - there are only a few spots left now after last week's announcements in Waterway Guide and the Salty Southeast Cruisers Net.
I expect to be making a very exciting announcement about the Rally shortly regarding some extra and very exciting events that will be a part of it. These events alone are worth the price of admission in my opinion - and will be in yours also!
For more information on the 2016 Sail to the Sun ICW Rally and how you can get south safely, comfortably, and hassle free, check out our website - ICWally