1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: November 2016

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Luxury Living on the ICW

Today's blogpost is about what has unexpectedly become one of the highlights of this trip. 
While planning the Sail to the Sun ICW Rally stops, I began to panic when I came to organizing the Savannah section. It seemed that no marina could take more than five boats, and two told me flat out that they wouldn't even consider reservations until ten days to two weeks before our arrival.
When you're booking for 20 boats, that makes it time to panic.
Then, out of the blue, I get a message on Facebook from Ted Arisaka, a member of Windmill Harbor Marina on Hilton Head Island. Why not bring the Rally into Windmill Harbor, a lovely marina protected by a lock? What an idea? Could this marina handle the group?
Well, not only could they handle the group, they rolled out the red carpet for us and made everyone a huge fan of what can only be described as one of the nicest marinas I've ever stayed at. Well, everyone but Let It Be, Frank and Mary Grace's 44 foot catamaran, which couldn't fit in the lock. They took a slip at Skull Creek Marina, about a mile or so away.
The Rally crew started rolling into the anchorage outside Windmill Harbor shortly after noon, waiting their call to enter the lock. Because of the depths in the entrance, the shallow draft boats entered first, and were directed to their slips while the rest of the group waited patiently at anchor. One by one, we entered and cleared the lock until we were all tied up at our assigned slip in perfectly still waters with no tide at all. How pleasant is that? It reminded me of the Great Lakes, not having to worry about tide.
Then the fun started. Ted and his lovely wife Patti hosted a pizza party (24 pies!) at his home that evening, while everyone oohed and aahed at the view. Just spectacular, as you can see.
That's Ted behind those pizza boxes!
The following day, most of the group headed out for Savannah to explore. Others just hung out and enjoyed the yacht club and facilities, which were made available for our group - bar, dining, tennis, gym and sailing.  I could get used to living like this.
Most of us ended up dining in the clubhouse that evening after a (very) happy hour at the bar and, as expected, the food was delicious - and very well priced too I have to add. 
Wednesday, they had some small boat racing on Harbor 20s planned, but the wind didn't co-operate. A few folks headed for the pool instead. Others in the group were enjoying community and home tours of the 'plantation', as it's known. Some even did laundry - dedicated souls that they are, I salute them while in my getting kind of filthy jeans! I can do laundry tomorrow, they still pass the sniff test. (note: if you're a real cruiser, you know what that is!)
Wednesday evening, we were hosted to a reception (complete with nibbles, wine and beer) and a presentation by JR Richardson, the founder of the South Carolina Yacht Club. 
View from Ted's property
Ken (Mauna Kea) and Ted exchanging burgees
Clubhouse at Windmill Harbor
JR discussed the history of Hilton Head and of the development of Windmill Harbor - a story he knows well, being one of those intimately involved with this community and the island itself from a young age. Some of the photos of historic Hilton Head were amazing, and his personal anecdotes were well received.
Everyone, and I do mean everyone in the Rally thoroughly enjoyed their time at Windmill Harbor. One came to me openly astonished to tell me that as they walked around looking at the many beautiful homes, neighbours would step out and say "Are you the sailors? Welcome to Windmill, we're so glad you're here."
It's just that kind of southern hospitality and charm that made it so great to be there - and so hard to leave on Thursday morning.
Here's the best part for those of you cruising south - Windmill is open for transients and they'd love to have you visit them too. Check out their website and, on your way south, consider trying something a little different - and a lot nicer than most marinas you'll come to. That's not taking anything away from the many great marinas the Sail to the Sun ICW Rally has stayed at - but Windmill Harbor is just a cut above almost every place I've ever been.

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The Sail to the Sun ICW Rally page is now at Jekyll Island, and preparing for Thanksgiving at the St. Marys GA Cruisers Thanksgiving Potluck. Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Food, Fun, Frivolity and Friendship - it's a Floating Feast!

It used to be that when I went south, I'd lose a few pounds by the time I got to Miami - long days, skipping lunch, just moving about on the boat or rowing to shore all took the pounds off. Not a bad thing considering that I was then in bathing suit territory, although my days of strutting about in a speedo are long gone...
But the Sail to the Sun ICW Rally has been one fun day after another, and most of these fun times are involving food, food and more food. And as we continue, I'm noticing that my jeans are, well, they aren't as loose as they were in Annapolis and my lovely, svelte figure is not quite, well, so svelte any longer.
It all started in Coinjock, where the Rally group dined out - make that feasted - on prime rib - and man, it was great. Not long after that, we're doing a potluck and wine and cheese in Dowry Creek Marina.
Then at River Dunes, a great meal in the clubhouse restaurant. And we also did a shrimp bbq while we were there, which I mentioned in my last post...31 pounds of shrimp, plus all the extras everyone brought down for the party.
Dockside in Beaufort NC
Of course, walking down the waterfront in Beaufort NC meant passing some great restaurants, so lunches were usually outside overlooking the anchorage, along with a couple of brews....
A special surprise at Beaufort - two of this year's ralliers, Jim Schwartz and Sharron Randall, who had to cancel their trip due to family issues hosted a wine and cheese on the docks for the entire group, and what a great time that was! Thank you again guys, that was so special, and very much appreciated by all.
Then we went to Swansboro, where this small but wonderfully friendly town's restaurants hosted a mini feast on the town docks, with each restaurant providing its share of a signature dish. Some of us then went on to have dinner at one of these restaurants, and I can assure you, the prime rib at the Icehouse is just wonderful, and thanks to Michael Dunleavy for that treat.
Are you starting to see a pattern here? Travel, eat, travel, eat some more....and of course, all of these events involve adult bevies, which doesn't help the waistline at all. Even worse, the great offerings at Osprey Marina - like chocolate raspberry jam.... What's a guy supposed to do?
In Southport, a couple of days later, Frank and Mary Grace, from the catamaran Let It Be, hosted the rally group to oysters, which we shucked and ate on the docks, overlooking the ICW.
Then - we headed for Georgetown SC and not one, but TWO eating events....the Taste of Georgetown, and the following day, another oyster fundraiser for a local school.
Best of all, about two thirds of the way through the afternoon, the organizers started serving blue crab along with the oysters. There were also grits, hot dogs, and the beer and wine was priced at whatever you wanted to donate.
Oblivious to all but that oyster!

Blue crabs anyone
By now, I was ready to hit the nearest store and buy a size larger pair of pants, and a new belt for them.  I suspect I may not be the only one either!

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On to the low country next. See you in Charleston!