1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Boat Show Season...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Boat Show Season...

Another half hour and this hall will be filled with smiling, happy faces - I love doing this!
Good morning everyone, I'm sure I've caught you coming from church - well, one of you that I know of anyway! I'm standing in the seminar hall at the Toronto International Boat Show, ready for my first show presentation, Sailing South, First Timer's Guide to the ICW. This is generally a packed seminar, due to my astounding charm, wisdom and wit.....ok, ok, stop the gagging. It's a popular topic and these people would come if a spotted turtle was giving it - but let me have my delusions, hey?
Tomorrow will be my first presentation of Paws On Board, a seminar about cruising with your pet - ought to be interesting, it seems there is a big interest in it. I'm quite excited.

Weather here in Toronto is cold - colder than Brunswick GA anyway - but Aduana, the Wonder Puppy® is loving it, and playing in the snow. And here I thought she was a smart pooch!
Not as many big sailboats here at the show this year, I'm a bit surprised - my understanding of the Canadian marine industry was that it had weathered the bad times pretty well...maybe that was a bit of hype?
Ok...time to get ready - that means a hike to the can, maybe a quick coffee, check the video and sound and - SHOWTIME. If you're interested in reading more, check out Write on the Water for my biweekly blog post there.