1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: I'm here, I'm here!

Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm here, I'm here!

Miss me everyone? I've been in the wilds of southern  SC and GA, anchored out as I make my way south to Brunswick GA, where I am now. It's been a bit chilly - temps at night dropped into the low 30s, and one day the high struggled (and I think it failed!) to reach 45°. I'm really loving my propane heater, I can tell you. Today though, temps are back into the 60s, it's sunny and I'm docked at one of the classiest marinas on the coast, Morningstar.
A synopsis of the last few days: Jan 3 - rip it out of the calendar, throw it away. Cold, wind in my face all day long, tide against me the entire day. Ugh, ugh, ugh! Made it to Skull Creek Marina at Hilton Head (Blackbeard used to hide out in this anchorage, no comments thank you!), but had to slog into wind and two to three foot short waves for about three miles at 2 knots....nasty!
Jan 4 - lovely day - warmed up, the wind was non-existent, made good time but couldn't quite make a good anchorage, so went about two miles off the ICW to what looked like a good spot  - for Aduana that is. When you travel with the Superpuppy®, you have to find places to go ashore. At high tide, this was a good one, easy access to a small island at the end of the day.
Jan 5 - that great access at high tide? Well, at half tide, there was six or seven feet of oozing, gushy, sticky, smelly black muck to get through to get to shore. Ugh. Yuck. Lots of oysters though, but I didn't have time to grab any - I plan sometime soon to pick up a book on oystering and clamming - so much free seafood out here! Watched some guys in an 18 foot boat tossing nets - thought they were getting baitfish until they brought their nets up - FULL of big shrimp! And I anchor in that area all the time on my way through. Guess who's gonna be shrimping there next trip?
The rest of the day went well - got some sail up and pretty much roared through the state of Georgia, coming into Brunswick about half past eight in the dark. Pretty night - got some great photos and video of the sunset, I'll post them later today to make y'all jealous - er, to show you how pretty it was!
Today and tomorrow will be spent largely preparing for the seminar I'm giving here tomorrow evening. Stay tuned for those photos!
Happy Friday!