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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just another day...

The good news is, I woke up feeling much better than yesterday. The bad news is that the new head wasn't available today. The really good news is, since my stomach isn't bothering me today, that's not the crisis it might have been! I think we've about covered that topic off.
Spent the day finishing up an article for SAIL Magazine, one of the publications I write for. I'll spend the balance of this evening going through photos to go with that article. Just another day in the life of us sailing writers - and is that laughter I hear from those of you in this business? 
I'll be leaving for Florida on Friday, or possibly Saturday at the latest. The plan is to head out the inlet here into the Atlantic and sail the thirty or so miles to Fernandina Beach. Another Canadian couple, Ray and Joanne from Vancouver, will be doing the same trip and a group of Brunswickians will get together at the Palace Saloon in Fernandina on Saturday night. That would include the 'Timinator'® - my new nickname for Tim, the evil powerboater here who forces excessive amounts of beer on me. Sunday may not be pretty.
GH View
Governor's Harbour, in Eleuthera
It'll be good to get back underway. I enjoy stopping to visit as I go, but my goal this winter is to finally explore Governor's Harbour on Eleuthera, in the Bahamas. I anchored there once years ago on a delivery and it looked really nice - quaint, tropical, very relaxed. I've heard good things about it and I'm looking forward to discovering all this for myself.
Ok, enough for tonight. The pup is demanding some playtime - she keeps dropping her tennis ball in my lap, making it difficult to type.
Cupids Cay and GH
Eleuthera from the air - I'll be anchored in the bight to the center right
of this photo later this winter