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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Heading south again....

Hello all - I'm once again underway, after far too long being tied to a dock. I would have headed out of Georgian Bay much sooner than I have, but a variety of issues - personal, business and just plain nasty winds and weather - have held me back.
The personal I've alluded to here a few weeks ago- and thank you for the words of support so many of you have offered me, it means a lot. It's very unpleasant to watch someone you care about launch themselves on a path that will ultimately be painful and self destructive, by hooking up with a pathologically violent individual - whether that pathology is caused by alcohol, drugs or violence (with this person, all three apply), it all ends up the same in the end. I've found out this is not the first time this woman has involved herself with an individual with substance abuse issues, or control issues. Of course, all of this implies that the woman in question has some serious and unresolved issues of her own that need dealing with, to even accept this sort of relationship. For anyone who wants the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say, you can read about it at this website link.
Business wise, I've had several writing assignments to complete, which is good. The downside of these two issues however is that they've taken so much of my time that I'm simply not going to get to the Annapolis Sailboat Show this year - which, as those of you who have been there know is a really fun time. Great people, Painkillers at Pussers, lots of boats, more Painkillers....might as well buy the Painkiller cup and be done with it! But I'll miss waking up on my chum's boat in a lovely small marina, where I've stayed during past boat shows. There were some great mornings there as I remember...
Now about the nasty weather - I've discovered that I have an infallible wind predictor on my boat. It's the bow of my boat. Wherever I'm headed, the winds come from there. How does that work, you ask?
First, I determine a course - let's say, I'm heading north. Then I check the weather - it looks good. For example, leaving Georgian Bay, which is heading northwest, the winds were forecast as northeast - a beam reach, great sailing.
However, the winds were either nonexistant, or...northwest. So I get to Wingfield Basin. Now I am heading west. The winds are...you guessed it. West. On the nose. But just for that day. Then they go east, after I've arrived. But only for that next day of course.
My next run is roughly south, heading for Sarnia. The perfect winds would be northwest or northeast. The predicted winds? South or southwest, 20 - 30 knots. And for how long you ask? Three days. I am NOT kidding. 
This time of year, the winds are almost always out of the north-northwest. South winds are uncommon, at least, until Gypsy Wind is ready to head south. Then, we get south winds. So here I stay for a few days.
The good news is, each of you with a sailboat has a similar wind prediction instrument on your boat, and the best part of all? It's free to use, just head out sailing! The winds will come around as required, I guarantee it.
More later this week...despite all my complaining, it's simply gorgeous here - the leaves are just starting to turn, the summer tourist crowd is gone and the beer at the local pub is just as tasty as ever. I'm tied up right next to the showers, and close to everything else that matters - pub, grocery store, liquor store.... And once those winds have turned back to the north, the sailing will be fabulous - and hopefully, that will happen before the snow flies!