1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: WallyLuck strikes again!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WallyLuck strikes again!

Many years ago, a friend of mine noted that it didn't matter how bad things got for me, how yucky the pot I fell into, I always seemed to come out smelling like expensive cologne and wearing an expensive suit. She called that 'WallyLuck'. And she's right - things always seem to turn out right for me, even when things look really bad. I can live with that! Better to be lucky than good - we can always learn to be good, but we can't learn to be lucky, can we?
So, recently, I've been trying to get a 10 pound propane tank on the boat exchanged for a full one, with no luck. No one had the small tanks, at least not in the south part of Georgian Bay when I was there.
I use this particular tank for my onboard heater and since it's getting colder, I need it. That, or a lovely lady to keep me warm at night, but I digress. The 20 pound tank I can exchange at any grocery store, no problem, but it's the smaller tank I've been needing, and not finding.
So today, don't I find a place here that has a 10 pound propane tank for exchange? But here's where the WallyLuck kicks in. The owner of that store, which is on the waterfront, and I, discussed why there isn't a sailboat available for charter on this waterfront. He tells me not a day goes by the entire summer that he doesn't get a request from someone for a sailboat charter with a captain to go out on. He is willing to help me set up a charter operation for next summer, get the dock space, help promote and sell the charters....in one of the nicest and busiest areas of Georgian Bay. Now how good is that?
So it looks like I could well have a new business operation set up in one of Ontario's prime tourist areas next summer. We'll see how this turns out, but I'm excited about it.

Was checking the weather earlier today - as I mentioned, the winds have gone into the south and aren't switching for a while. I could be stuck here until the weekend. Fortunately, the pub is nearby, and the liquor store is a five minute walk away. Life is good...
Took some fabulous photos of Wingfield Basin, I'll post them soon. Lovely spot... pristine, quiet, pretty...