1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Outta here!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Outta here!

Yep, it's looking like a go! Despite the fact that the winds on Lake Huron right now are anywhere from 25 to 40 mph, by tomorrow morning they will be 15 - 20 and decreasing. By afternoon, I'll probably be using the diesel because the winds are supposed to die off entirely. Maddening. It's either too much wind, too much wind in the wrong direction, or no wind at all. At least it's supposed to be sunny.
Who's in charge of this asylum anyway?
So tomorrow, the goal is to leave very early in the morning and knock off 2/3s of the distance to Sarnia - call it 80 miles, and then duck in to the most convenient harbour. Why not go all the way to Sarnia? Love to, but the winds are predicted to go back into the south tomorrow evening, and increase to about 25 over Saturday. Come Sunday or Monday, they back to the east and then hopefully north again, allowing me to get, at last, out of Lake Huron.
Once in Sarnia, it's onto the river and head down to Windsor for a visit with Paul, who's been teasing me with visions of BBQ ribs and fine wines...at least he wasn't cruel enough to suggest hot showers, a traveling sailor's favourite treat after a long couple of days on a boat. And since I've been docked right beside the showers here anyway...
Anyway, here's Monday's wind pattern for Lake Huron. I'll be just past halfway down, right on the border of the lime and yellow. That's anywhere from 25 - 35 knot winds, and notice - they're right from the direction I'm going in.
Who's in charge of this madhouse again?