1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: GET ME OUTTA HERE!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


These big winds just won't quit. I'm stuck in Sarnia today, high winds out of the south and they're continuing tomorrow as well, but stronger. Since the trip from here to Lake Erie is on the river though, with Lake St. Clair in the middle, I'm going to head out in the morning for Windsor. Here's the plan, Stan....and everyone else of course...

I'm at the top of the page, in Sarnia. I follow the blue line down the river, and would normally take that route across the lake. However, as you can see, the winds are right on the nose, at 25 mph. Plus, Lake St. Clair is very shallow - average 12 feet or so - meaning that the wind will kick up fairly short, nasty waves of about three feet. That's not fun. And the current, that will help me get down the river, doesn't help, because the wind against that current makes the waves shorter, and steeper, and generally nastier.
So Plan 'B' is to head to the western shore and hide from the waves while I run south to Windsor. 
There IS a Plan 'C' - hire a truck and head down I75 to Miami and the heck with these damn winds. Fortunately, they're supposed to diminish by the weekend, which of course is when I get to Lake Erie and these south and southwest winds would be working in my favour.
Just who is in charge of this asylum anyway?