1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Wee'se BUSTIN' OUT!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Okay, boyz and girlz....here's da plan....dem winds are toynin' around Thoysday night late....dat means da waves, dem big ol' waves, ought to be toynin' not long after dat. Dat's what da forecaster sez, but ya know, ya can't trust dem forecasters. If dey gets it wrong, we'ze gonna have ta shoot 'em. 
So we gonna be ready Thoyday night to bust outta here anytime after midnight, to escape dis place. Any questions? Ok, let's do it! Next stop, Al's restaurant in Varadero, Cuba..... 

Al Capone's former home in Varadero Cuba, now a restaurant

Newspaper article on Capone inside restaurant

 Actually, this is about how I do feel - like I've been trapped here for ten days and it's time to escape. I'll be watching the winds, waves and weather closely from here on out, and as soon as a window appears, I am SO OUT OF HERE!