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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunny Sunny Sunny Days...

Remember that song from the band Lighthouse, in the 70s? Most Canadians will, I'm not so sure how popular the band was in the US though - but that's the weather we're having right now. Sunny, and mild. And I'm stuck inside working - it would be nicer to be outside in a Rav4, going for coffee or a cold drink on some nice patio and enjoy the sunshine and company. But, the bills have to be paid, so the work has to be done. Why couldn't I have been born rich, instead of incredibly sexy? (and who am I kidding?)
I'm getting ready to start heading the boat south again - well, north out of Georgian Bay, then south.
The plan for this trip - or should I say the 'intentions', since sailing doesn't always work out the way one expects - are to sail to Florida, return for the Toronto Boat Show, then cross over to the Bahamas, sail down to the Exumas, then across to Cuba and around to Cuba's beautiful south coast.
While in the Bahamas and Cuba, I will be shooting video for a new video and also a tv production about Cuba - you can see details of that at Cuba: Forbidden Paradise, along with some neat Cuba photos and videos. Make sure you 'like' the facebook page too please! That's http://facebook.com/cubaforbiddenparadise
Love to hear your opinions on all of this, and let me extend an invitation to everyone here, and especially the impish ones, lol - if you're interested in coming along for part of the ride, let me know. It's always great to have company on board, I get tired of sailing alone for so much of the time.