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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pirate Names....

Had a great evening tonight, the marina staff invited me to a party locally. Met a great bunch of people, had a really good time. Even met a fine old pirate, and he's got a message for everyone.

This be Bloody Roger Reid here speakin' to ya. I just be discoverin' that not all of ye has yer very own pirate name - arggghhhh, and what's that about lads and lasses? If ye be good pirates (where's Doc - oh yes, he's out plundering on his chum's Sabre 42), ye need to be havin' yer own piratical name.
So, hurry yerself on down to Ye Olde Pirate Store and be orderin' up yer very own Pirate Name. Just be clickin' on that there link, then be ye mailin' us and tellin' yer pirate name for everyone to be knowin' just who ye are!
ARRRGGGGG! That's right mateys - I be hearin' from all 40 and more of ye!