1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Fog, and other things...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fog, and other things...

Left Hampton today, and started up the Chesapeake to Deltaville. Not a very long run, about 33 miles, but the wind never picked up and so I motorsailed (motor and sails up) for most of the trip. 
There was some fog early on - that always makes for some nervousness. Funny thing about sailing in fog - it's a bit like life in its way.  You can see just far enough for your next step, but have no idea what might be hiding behind that grey veil. It's a matter of proceeding cautiously, knowing where you want to be, while hoping there is nothing unseen out there that can cause you harm or damage. There's always that risk, in sailing and in life, but you don't get the joy out of either one if you don't accept at least some risk.

Some people however would rather play it safe, not risk the fog and the uncertainty of life, and they miss out on some of life's truly great adventures. Yet as you travel through life, there will be fog at times - it's unavoidable - and staying tied to the dock gets you nowhere. You miss out on some truly amazing adventures when you do that.
Today, the fog cleared off and the day was sunny, warm and beautiful, and the trip was fabulous - beautifully scenic. I'm so glad I didn't stay at the dock and miss all that. But before I could experience the beauty of this day, I had to take the risk and travel through that fog. It was certainly worth it.

Just got a text from one of the crew about her pirate name - we can welcome Dirty Mary Flint aboard....now, how about everyone else? What is YOUR pirate name? Check it out at Ye Olde Pirate Store... and let us know who you really are!