1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Yeehaw Junction - the video! (almost)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yeehaw Junction - the video! (almost)

Oh my folks, have I got a treat for you today....a video of some people in Virginia I met last year who could rival the folks from Yahoo Junction I blogged about last summer, here: Yeehaw Junction.
First, have to mention my new friends Lin and Diane, in Nyack - I was working away on the boat when someone shouted out from the dock - "What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Want to come for dinner?"
Well, how long does it take a sailor to say yes to that? Rowed ashore and joined Lin and his wife Diane for a great American Thanksgiving dinner in their home, a converted barn - really nicely done too! Aduana enjoyed the visit as they had a dog, Gretyl, and a fenced in yard. Life is good.
Also - this blog is now regularly receiving over 100 visitors a day - that's a bit of a milestone, I'm quite pleased....of course, that puts the pressure on me to keep the interest up, doesn't it? By the way, if you're lurking here, slipping in from Facebook or TheSailingChannel or some other referring site, how about signing up and let's see if we can get the registered membership over 100? We're halfway there now. These posts are spam free and I promise you I won't sell your email address (for less than $50 anyway!)....seriously, you're email address is not shown, so you're safe signing up. Live dangerously - go for it!
The following video of a drunk discussing four viagra pills is from the Urbanna Oyster Festival a year ago. This group could give the folks at Yeehaw Junction a run for their money....and that's saying something. And one thing I should say -- it gets a tiny bit vulgar towards the end (and of course, that's the funniest part), it's nothing that a hardy sailor can't handle, but if you're more of a proper type, you might want to skip this.
And of course, if you like it, remember what your mother said - it's good to share!