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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Political Prognostications....

Ok, I know that no one is going to read this tonight, but come tomorrow, you'll be asking yourself (I hope) just how he did it!
The vote will be a win for Romney - not a huge margin, but a clear victory in both the popular vote and in the electoral college. However, the Democrats will pull a 2000, and launch a series of lawsuits and so forth attempting to claim problems with the vote due to Hurricane Sandy and whatever other reasons they can come up with - largely voter disenfranchisation I'm guessing.
That's my bet on the vote - and as for percentages in the electoral college - 53 - 47. 
Lastly, the Republicans will take both the House and the Senate. 
And, as long as I'm prognosticating, a Romney win will see a significant rise in the stock market. I'm talking in excess of 200 points.
You read it here fist.