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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fairport, once more...

Well - it appears someone hacked the website and left that political comment on Election Night. Let's face it, we all know I could never have been that far off, right? Huh? Pardon me? We don't know that? Oh, well then....that may explain the sound of laughter I've been hearing...
...although in my defense, I will say that the NY Dow Jones was down over 300 points yesterday, rather a pointed statement by the markets on what they think of the election. Had there been a Romney victory, my prediction of a 200 point rise...er, I mean, that hacker's prediction....would have been born out.

So, I'm in once again in Fairport NY again, having last been here on July 10 for a memorable day with a friend who drove down to join me and who I am certain is smiling at the memory while reading this, instead of spreadsheets at work. Aren't you? 
Fairport is one of the gems of the Erie Canal, with a lovely downtown and several excellent restaurants. There are a couple of unique stores here, including a used tool shop. The shop sells all sorts of used and donated tools, including electric jig saws and drills, levels, hammers - you name it. 
They also get a number of antique tools, which are quickly scooped up by collectors. The proceeds from the sale of donated tools go towards a local seniors' charity. Talk about a neat idea to raise funds. And the women haven't been forgotten either - around the corner is a shop that sells donated craft supplies and fabrics. When I dropped by there, it was quite busy...but they didn't have any sunbrella for a project I'm considering on Gypsy Wind. They did have a really nice fabric for interior cushions, but not enough to do GW....ah well, I'll be back in the spring. Again, profits from this store go to the local seniors' center.

The weather is starting to warm up, and the sun is shining, so it's not too too bad out here. It doesn't hurt that the wind is not all that strong either, and is from either the north or west, while I'm heading east. Tomorrow is supposed to pick up to 50°, and the high 60s on the weekend, when I'll be crossing Lake Oneida - that's good news. Here's the trip for the past couple of days...

The Erie Canal follows the Lake Ontario Coastline as you can see. There are over 30 locks and a dozen lift bridges to navigate.

And here's a fun story from Hurricane Sandy - a Brooklyn bar built on a dock broke free and floated about a mile downwind, landing in a residential neighbourhood in Gerritsen Beach. Interestingly enough, the bar was apparently stocked with liquor - although the owner denies this, claiming it was emptied out after closing at the end of the season...why do I suspect someone is trying to avoid a liquor license problem here?
Anyhow - the bar's new neighbours joined in the 'spirit' of the event, and threw a party in their new 'neighbourhood' bar, now eponymously renamed 'Sandy's Bar'. We're talking a full bar setup btw, including tables and chairs still intact.
The bar's owner was reported to be quite pleased that his pub had been used as it was intended to be - although not at all impressed when the police arrived and not only shut the party down, but destroyed the pub in order to clear the road. You can read the story here.

Most unique search term used on google to find this blog.....according to the blog stats - it's 'sailing nude  in Tahiti'.... folks, I do NOT make this stuff up. The world is clearly weird enough without my helping it along.