1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Why do I do this?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why do I do this?

Sometimes I wonder! I spent half an hour jigging around the north Atlantic at the entrance to St. Augustine, waiting for the Boat US guy who was bringing a tow in, as there are no lights in the inlet, my spotlight wouldn't charge up so I could find the markers, and it simply wasn't safe to enter after dark under those conditions without assistance. Two boats have been wrecked there in the past year, one a 52 foot sportfisherman worth several millions - I didn't plan on being the third wreck. I was joined by a Lagoon 42 catamaran, also waiting on assistance to get in the inlet. 
The Boat US guy showed up and we simply followed him in. No big deal. A nice ending to a good sailing day.
But despite nights like tonight with their frustrations, there's also the days you get to spend with folks like Al and Joyce, friends of mine in Melbourne. They 'get' the sailing thing, lol....a beer in the hand, a drive to the grocery store, a shower and the chance to do laundry! If they're hoping to build points towards similar 'karma' when they go cruising again, they've got it ACED!
I suspect that I put on ten pounds in the three days I spent there just prior to Easter...it's Joyce's margueritas, and Al's superb eggs benedict, honest! Do I know how to have great friends, or what?
Al, Joyce, I know you're reading this - hope Easter with your son was great, and thanks again for a fabulous time - even if Aduana and I have to walk for miles to lose the weight we've both put on, lol! And I know she's missing playing in your backyard.
Tomorrow, Jacksonville, and meeting up with Doc, from Urbanna VA, who is helping me to get the boat north to Annapolis.
My liver may never be the same!