1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: So Much Happening...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

So Much Happening...

Where do I start? Ok, I'm in Annapolis tonight and for the weekend for Cruisers' University, where I'll be speaking on Cruising the ICW and also on cruising Cuba. If past experience is any guide, both seminars will be packed to the doors, which is always exciting for me. Tonight, I'll be tweaking the seminars, before heading out to a nearby pub, Red Hot and Blue, a top notch blues bar I've always wanted to check out here, and since it's close to the hotel, well....just had their takeout for dinner here in my room and if the music is as hot as the food - WOW!
The hotel...well, it has hot showers, if you're really patient...I mean really, really patient - as in 'forty days and forty nights' patient. It's been a while since I've stayed ashore, since the Toronto Boat Show actually, and there was this big square thing covered in linens in the middle of the room. Wasn't sure what it was for a moment, until Aduana jumped up on it and curled up, then realized, hey! it's a bed! Cool. I can't remember the last time I was in one (I can remember other things, but not sleeping - and I'll go no further so as not to embarrass anyone reading here...).
It's not five star by any standards, but fortunately, other than Aduana and I, we seem to be the rooms only occupants.  I suspect that whoever at SAIL Magazine booked these rooms was looking closely at the price, and I'm grateful for that at least... er, Peter, you HAVE stayed here before? This isn't punishment for some transgression of mine? 
Drove down here in a bright red rollerskate - well, a Mazda 3, but I've had rollerskates not much smaller - yes, I have big feet. Lucked out and found a great classic rock station out of Hampton to listen to while driving - 106.9 FM, the Fox - check it out online at http://www.1069thefox.com/, I'm listening to it now in fact. May have to get up and dance even....hey, it's a Friday night, it's ok!
Ok, time to pour a glass of wine, work on tweaking the seminar material, listen to the Fox, and chill...more later, about sailing north from Florida with Doc, including some photos...which reminds me, where is this early warm spring everyone was telling me about? It's damn near freezing here, I'm wearing long pants and my tan is disappearing even as I watch...what's that all about, eh?

Meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure, some video of sailing in Biscayne Bay - where it's sunny and warm....need I say more? Ahhhh......