1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Cruisers' U a Hit!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Cruisers' U a Hit!

I'm back on Gypsy Wind in Hampton after spending a very busy weekend in Annapolis at Cruisers University. I gave three seminars - two on Cuba and one on the ICW. I'm quite pleased to say that the comments that came back from those in attendance were very very good. Everyone enjoyed themselves, including myself, and the students felt that they'd learned something from the experience. I had several people come to me over the course of the weekend and thank me for the seminar they had attended - very gratifying for me of course. 
A heck of a contrast to the seminars I gave at Port Credit during Hurricane Irene, when I was terrified that my boat, on the hard in Virginia, would be destroyed by the raging winds that were howling around her even as I was speaking in Toronto. Those seminars were - shall we say - not my best ones? I felt badly about that, but was way too stressed out about the boat to do as good a job as those attending deserved.
After my last seminar, I got together with some friends at Pusser's for some Painkillers, a rum concoction that should be taken in moderation. I must remember this in the future...anyway, I survived that experience to find myself and several of the group at the Spinsheet Magazine party a bit later in the afternoon, where free rum was on offer....oh oh, here we go again...this is gonna hurt!