1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: North Carolina

Friday, April 20, 2012

North Carolina

It's just not fair - the weather guys say south winds, we get north winds....so far, in over 50 hours of sailing, we've sailed MAYBE 10 hours. The rest of it has been listening to the diesel chug chug chug....sigh....
Anyway, we're now on the ICW where we'll remain until we get to Chesapeake Bay - there's no advantage in going offshore at this point, and the winds don't work in our favour anyway - gee, quelle surprise!
A friend of Doc's, in Jacksonville, took the picture below - ok, so I look a bit scruffy, it had been a long day.
Aduana has done amazingly well on this trip - despite being aboard for between 24 - and 30 hours, she's hung in there - although she doesn't take very long to find a suitable piece of grass when we get ashore, as you can imagine.
Caught a lovely Spanish Mackeral the other day, but it shook off the hook just as we were about to bring it aboard. Then, later, something HUGE grabbed the hook and tore it away....so much for fishing. 
Doc noted that at 9:43 pm Wednesday evening, Gypsy Wind had clocked 6000 nautical miles, that since leaving Collingwood a year ago September. That's nearly 7000 statute miles. So we had a glass of wine to celebrate - any ol' excuse will do! 
We're off again...