1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Everyone's favourite pirate is aboard....

Friday, April 13, 2012

Everyone's favourite pirate is aboard....

My favourite pirate, Doc Hogan from Urbanna VA, came aboard in Jacksonville Beach to help me bring the boat up quickly to the Chesapeake.  Doc helped me paint Gypsy Wind last summer - and today, he's complaining about red paint on a shirt he bought. Sloppy work, what can I say?
We're now in Fernandina Beach today, need to do some serious rum shopping for the trip, then heading to Brunswick GA tomorrow.
Along with rum, Doc has brought favourable winds - out of the south and southeast for the next week! Perfect for heading north. Seas from 2 - 4 feet, so it's going to be a great ride. 
After Brunswick, we'll go offshore again to Charleston, then Southport, then inside to Wrightsville Beach, then offshore to Beaufort, then back inside to Norfolk rather than around Cape Hatteras, then into Chesapeake Bay and north to Annapolis.
I'll update here as often as I get internet access.