1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Jimbo's....

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Got together with a photographer friend of mine the other day and we paid a visit to 'Jimbo's'. I discovered this place while awaiting a bus in downtown Miami. Two fellow sailors came by (they were dressed 'casually', were on bikes and one was carrying a solar panel, what else could they be?), and told me they were staying there and I should drop by and check it out.
Well - here we are, perhaps a half kilometer from Fisher Island and all that expensive real estate and we're in a - it's hard to describe it - but imagine something right out of the sixties, hippy and free, rusted out trailers, banged up Mercedes (it IS Miami after all), dogs everywhere, a tame racoon wandering about, some pretty redneck dudes, old fishing boats, and you'd be, well, in the general ballpark. But nothing I can tell you about this place could prepare you for the real thing - I was stunned by what I saw.
Below is the description from the website; take it from me, nothing it says is inaccurate, but by no means does it adequately describe what you'll find at Jimbo's.

Jimbo Luznar is a man. And Jimbo's Shrimp Shack is a place. And Jimbo's Place is... a state of mind.
It's simply the last place at the end of the road where everyone is welcome, from kings and politicians to working folks and the salt of the earth.
Jimbo's is not a bar; but you can buy ice cold beer there.
It's not a restaurant or a convenience store; but you can buy the best smoked fish you ever tasted there.
It's not a marina, but you can pull your boat up to this natural, eco-friendly location anytime and just hang out.
Come by car or come by boat. Come by jetski or parachute in. Play bocce ball, have a picnic, enjoy some smoked fish and cold beer; watch a movie being made, or a photo shoot; or just hang out and relax.
On the weekends, the bocce ball court gets pretty active. You might even challenge Jimbo to a game, but don't count on winning...

Check it out, at http://www.jimbosplace.com/index.html I plan on swinging over there to anchor for the weekend and see just what it's all about. There WILL be photographs, because I just don't think I can possibly describe what I'll find.