1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Jimbos.....oh my!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jimbos.....oh my!

Spent the weekend at Jimbos, which was rather an other worldly experience. This place makes Key West look normal and that is saying something. Over the weekend there was everything from travelers to transvestites, pretenders and poseurs, soup to nuts, or so it seemed, and then some. There was Pauli, a guy in a beret and goatee who was panhandling...there were several groups of young Cuban girls having their photos taken, glamour shots, something to do with a rite of passage for hispanic gals turning 15. They showed up in all their hot clothes to have their photos taken - by professionals with lights, tripods, the whole setup no less - in front of a beat up dock, or a burned out bus, with pouty looks and sexy stances. Go figure. It was fun watching though.
This photo is looking back at Jimbos - notice the storage trailer to the right, that's the bar...notice the houseboat to the left of Gypsy Wind, and the shrimper to the right. Redneck heaven here...
This is the view of Miami, taken about 200 yards behind where the first photo was taken...hard to believe, isn't it?
Still, the beer was cold and cheap, the smoked fish was fabulous and the conch fritters were about the best I've ever had. The band Sunday afternoon was very good. John, the guy who told me about this place, told me that I'd missed seeing the Miami Alternative Sex Group about two weeks previously. They were celebrating along with a group of frat boys who were initiating some new members. 
The frat boys would throw cases of beer at the new pledges, who had to drink them as fast as they could. A couple of women from the MAS group decided to help. They took their clothes off and threw the beer at the guys, who then couldn't drink for staring. The ladies then spent the balance of that afternoon just wandering about.
Then of course, there are the mandatory bikers and their babes, plus the gawkers who show up to, well, gawk, and the tourists who show up with cameras and walk about with their jaws a'hanging. And a gig like this wouldn't be complete without the Miami Dade Crime Unit van showing up for a cold soda with friends hanging out there.
It was quite the show.