1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: The Fun Never Ends...

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Fun Never Ends...

Well! It seems that Sharp is NOT going to replace my solar panel under warranty after all - they don't cover panels used in the marine environment - in fact, one installer tells me that they don't even cover panels used on an island! Who knew? I certainly didn't.
On the other hand, this installer has just taken in a bunch of good secondhand panels from a house on which they've just replaced all the solar panels and he's going to sell me three panels - for $100. This effectively will double my wattage from 123 to 255, you'll be able to see Gypsy Wind glowing from a couple of miles away now!
Seriously, this will allow me to charge my batteries fully on a sunny day - although it still might not be quite enough to run a hair dryer, not that I have hair...or a hair dryer...but I do have a 120 volt blender! Margaritas anyone?
In other news, lots of coconuts left, but ran out of rum! What WAS I thinking?