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Thursday, March 15, 2012

All is well - I'm 'stuck' here in Biscayne Bay with these winds, about 15 mph from the east and northeast - can't get across to the Bahamas, but it's not so bad. Aduana and I are enjoying exploring here actually. Using this mini adventure for the basis of an article. Lemons, lemon juice! Gotta think positive.
Will be here for another couple weeks, max, then head back north for Chesapeake Bay and onward to the Great Lakes for the summer.
I was having problems keeping the battery charge up, so I've just replaced my solar charge controller, thinking it was a problem. Then spent days looking for a ground leak as the source of the problem. What a nuisance that was.
Turns out the solar panel itself was at fault - and SHARP is giving me a new one under warranty, so no problem. As part of this whole procedure, I just replaced my batteries - four Trojan 105s - that was a bit pricey, but they were just short of six years old and weren't holding a charge well. Plus, the hygrometer was showing bad cells in one battery, and weak in a couple of others. They were due.
As part of the energy problem, not realizing the panel was out, I decided to buy an 800 watt generator at Harbor Freight - only $89, plus $20 for a two year warranty. Not sure I like the thing yet because of the noise it makes, but it's been convenient and I know when I need 120v for tools and such, it'll be there. Plus, should anyone need to dry their hair onboard, it's perfect, or use a blender for margaritas...Oh, yea, can't forget the new inverter - my old one (finally) quit, after nearly ten years, can't whine about that I suppose.
Found a coconut palm last night on the little key just near here, with tons of 'water' coconuts on it. Those are the small, new nuts with coconut water in them. Each one is over a glass and a half of fresh coconut juice. I'll be heading over later to load up the dinghy with them. Then all I need is some rum and I'm good for sundowners.
And that's about it - have a great day everyone!