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Friday, February 17, 2012

Miami meandering...

Wasn’t paying attention day before yesterday, and I actually got sunburned, not that anyone back up north wants to hear that. The warm weather has come in with a vengeance, it was 80.
It’s not perfect though. Along with the warmth comes wind out of the south - and that‘s the direction I’m going, so I have to use the motor to get anywhere. Yes, I could go out on the Atlantic and tack tack tack to get here, but that would easily double my day’s mileage and mean coming back inside quite late at night since the inlets are a fair distance apart. Not my idea of fun to be honest.
I’ll be in Miami Beach sometime later Thursday - it’s Thursday am as I write this, but it won’t be posted until I get a wifi connection and there’s not one open nearby.
Friday I’ll be off to the boat show to see what’s going on there, Saturday I’ll be hooking up with Al and Joyce from Melbourne, who hosted me on their dock last week, Sunday - who knows?
The plan was to head for the Bahamas after the boat show - and of course, the winds are forecast to turn to the north on Sunday. For the non sailors here (are there any?), that means no crossing the Gulf Stream, which can get nasty in any sort of north wind.
So I’ll probably hang out in Biscayne Bay, sail to Boca Chita and Elliot Keys, do some writing and some beachcombing and wait for the winds to change.
Life can be so challenging at times, don’t you think?