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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anyone want a FREE boat?

I just received an email from a woman today who is trying to deal with a part of her father's legacy, a 1919 Trumpy yacht. There were 450 Trumpys built in the United States, and even today, those remaining on the water attract admiring looks, oohs and ahhhs. They are truly one of the most beautiful and classic yacht in existence. 
One of these, the Grand Lady, is in danger of being lost and needs a home, someone willing to restore her to her former glory.
You can help to preserve one of these beauties that has been looking for a home by spreading the word about the need to protect her. Part of the story is below, taken from Boneyard Boats - 


Bone Yard Boats received an impassioned plea to help save GRAND LADY, an historically significant 1919 Mathis-Trumpy 52' (#102).

Katrina's email: "I am asking that anyone who reads this help me.  I am searching for a good home for a Historic 1919 Mathis-Trumpy, The Grand Lady (originally Riette II -- hull#102). As you may know she is one of the oldest Trumpy yachts in existence. She is in critical need of restoration/reconstruction. She currently floats in Satsuma, FL with the aid of a plastic bladder. 

"The Grand Lady was originally 52 feet, but in the 1950's she was cut back to around 47 feet due to boats over 50' being seized in the US (I don't know anything about this -- I bet you do). As far as I know, the rest of her layout has not been changed. She has been sitting in a boathouse in Satsuma, FL for the past few years but was recently moved to a nearby location. She has survived two hurricanes that sank her about four years ago and, I believe, her old Graymarine 6-71 still runs. A lot of the furnishings and small hardware are missing but most of the large hardware is present including the davits, searchlight, deck hardware, helm, compass and the pilot house bits and pieces.

"The owner of the Grand Lady just passed away last summer.  I have a very limited amount of time to find this boat a home before she too slips away.  I am asking you for help because I have limited contacts and knowledge of boats. This historic Trumpy needs the support of the maritime community NOW.

"This historic Trumpy is FREE to a good home -- but she must be restored / rebuilt."

Katrina further explains, "The gentleman who owned this old boat was (Herman) Albert Schulteis. He was my father. All of his children live in Pennsylvania, but he lived in FL with the boat during the cold PA winters. He passed away in July. My father did have her for 26 years. I should be able to trace those years (more accurately than I am about to describe). This is what I know now: He bought her at a city of Baltimore, MD auction in 1981. He moved her to Cambridge, MD and kept her there for a few years. Then, in the mid 80's [she] was kept at Fairfield Harbor in New Bern, NC. She was probably there for ten years or so. Following that, maybe a little more than ten years ago, he moved her to Satsuma, FL. About four years ago she was submerged and resurrected twice from encounters with hurricanes. She has been kept in the water in a boat house for the past few years and the plastic bladder was added last summer."

GRAND LADY (originally RIETTE II) is one of just three 52-footers built by Mathis Yacht Building in 1919 in Camden, NJ. The other two were #100 BILMA II and #101 LOAF ALONG.

Katrina explained that GRAND LADY is in the care of a local gentleman in Florida, who "has been very helpful in showing people the boat and is proud to have such a noble vessel under his care." However, "...he does not have the means to care for her." Katrina has been granted 3 months to find someone who will take on the restoration of GRAND LADY. That clock started ticking in January.

If you have the desire, knowledge, and resources to save the 1919 Trumpy GRAND LADY, please see below for contact info.  GRAND LADY is in Satsuma, FL.

Now it's up to you folks - spread the word, let other boaters know, the Grand Lady needs their help.
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