1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: You are not lost...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

You are not lost...

Hi everyone - the Scurvy Crew list is only showing two members, but don't panic - you're still there, Google Blogspot is just temporarily misplaced you. I'm sure they'll find you soon.
Arrived in Beaufort NC yesterday - gorgeous day, beautiful warm, sunny, and as usual, Beaufort didn't disappoint - saw my first dolphins of the trip here. Aduana (the Wonder Puppy™) gets all excited, races around the deck barking at them.  For their part, they seem to get curious about Aduana and come even closer.
Today' weather is cloudy, and a bit chilly with winds out of the NW - but that means I should be able to SAIL Bogue Sound - what a concept! Using the emergency white things! Love it!
Tonight's anchorage will be near Bogue Inlet, beside a marina called Caspars - lovely spot, but lots of current there. I'm hopeful my Wirie will pick up a wireless signal so I can answer some emails.
For those of you dropping by for a visit, how about signing up and becoming a member of the Scurvy Crew - I'm working on some neat contests and hope to have some great prizes. Also - membership is a closely guarded list - you will NOT receive spam from signing up here...just fun news from this year's trip down the ICW.
Ok, time to cast off the lines once again and keep heading south towards the sun! Have a great weekend everyone.