1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Merry Christmas everyone...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone...

Hi all - Christmas Eve found me a few miles short of Charleston SC - decided to stop and enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine, rather than rush on and have to anchor in the dark in Charleston Harbour.
Yesterday was sunny and quite mild. Today, Christmas, started out that way, but ended with a blustery, rainy front coming through about sunset. That's now gone, the wind has died down and it's quite mild - probably in the upper 40s and not a snowflake in sight. Life is good!™
I'm going to spend a day or two here - it's a nice place, and I've got some grocery shopping and other stuff to do. Also, a good cruising friend of mine is apparently here in town, Jeff Southworthy, and I'd like to catch up with him since it's been three or four years since we crossed tacks. Now that was an adventure, let me tell you...hanging with Jeff can be, ahem, interesting. Since the statute of limitations isn't quite past yet, I'll have to let you wonder just what trouble Jeff got me into (honest Mom, it was Jeff's fault!).
I hope everyone has had a great Christmas, with lots of love, fun, family and great presents!!! My own best present has been knowing that I have all of you as my friends - now, a final glass of wine and I'm off to the v-berth for a winter's night sleep.