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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A drinking town with a sailing problem...

Sign just opposite the free dock in Oriental
That's how Oriental bills itself...well, actually it calls itself the sailing capital of North Carolina, but the t-shirts and coffee mugs all tell a different story.
It's a friendly town - people wander to the dock to chat after getting their coffee at the Bean, which is across from the free dock (free is good!™).
The town is also the most dog-friendly place I've ever been. You'll frequently see dogs roaming the street, and if one of them decides to lie down in front of the Bean (happens often actually), drivers slow down and move around the pup. It's really quite a hoot to see - anywhere else it would be honk the horn and get upset time, but not in Oriental.
There is a West Marine, but no other box stores in Oriental. That's because the locals voted it that way - talk about a great sense of values. West Marine good - Wal Mart bad!
This is a town that, on New Year's Day when everyone else in America is watching football, is having their New Year's Regatta. The last time I was here for it, 26 boats were competing. I was heading out that day and darn near became the 27th boat! 
Like I said, a great sense of values.
The wind today turned strongly into the southwest, and since I hadn't yet gotten groceries, I chose to remain one more day at the free dock (free is good! ™), rather than bash down the canal at the end of Adams Creek on the way to Beaufort. Winds go light tomorrow, so morning will be an excellent time to head out.
Some interesting news came my way yesterday: I've been invited to be one of the instructors at Cruisers U, at the Annapolis spring boat show. This is a major compliment, I'm pickled tink - er, make that tickled pink.

I'll be giving two different classes, two hours each, on cruising for people who will actually pay to hear me. Aren't you guys lucky, you get to watch me babble away here for free (free is good!™).
Hope y'all are keeping warm where ever you are - temps were into the low 70s today, similar tomorrow.....and for my fellow Canucks freezing away back home...you know where I am, the invite is out there....