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Monday, September 2, 2013

Yeehaw Junction - North!

Yes, that's Tennessee moonshine whisky
I took a break from the boat recently to visit family in Ontario, Canada, where I'm from. This is not a region generally known as 'redneck' country - but I'd never spent a weekend at my sister and brother in law's home in Estaire, just south of the hardrock mining town of Sudbury, where I grew up. Well, was I due for an education...
The video below gives you an idea, but let's see - I went out on a bass boat and actually ran the thing at over 40 mph....my sailboat will do 10 knots in a big enough breeze...listened to my sister, her boyfriend and the neighbours talk about their fun times....such as towing everyone from house to house through the snow - in a canoe - with a 'quad' - a four wheel atv, which is not 'urban' transportation. By the end of the winter, the canoe required considerable patching, as you can imagine...Now if that isn't 'redneck' entertainment, I'm not really sure what is. There were a few other stories too, but I won't belabour you with them here! I assure you however, Jeff Foxworthy would find them worthy...(Foxworthy is a redneck comedian for those who don't know him).
So, on Labour Day while we're all sitting out on the dock overlooking the lake, a friend drops by with a Mason quart jar of Tennessee moonshine....somewhere between 125 and 175 proof apparently. NASA wants samples for the Mars program, last I heard.
Anyhow - it's actually fine sipping liquor, a lot smoother than you'd ever expect, with strong hints of apple and cinnamon taste. Just don't have more than a couple of shots....you may find yourself waking up on Mars...
The first video below is for fun - and the second is the view from the beautiful home my sister and her boyfriend have built.
this is the 'oh oh, my sister is a redneck' video...

...and this is the view from her dining room....
I'll be back to my boat, the ICW, and sanity as soon as I can escape!