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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Free Boats...

Ok, you're all set to pack your ditty bag and sail south, but you need a boat...an inexpensive boat, since you're not rich. There's lots of them around, and some are for free! Today, we launch the start of a new LiveBloggin' feature - the FREE BOATS page.
Today's beauty, and I do mean beauty, is a 1905 Lawley sloop, an incredibly lovely boat in its time. Just look at the photos of her. Now to put her back in commission is going to take some doing, but imagine how your heart will just go pitter patter every time you look at her. It's worth the effort for that reason alone.
Hopefully, you LiveBloggers know of other free boats, or nearly free, that you can pass on to LiveBloggin' readers. They don't have to be classics like this - they can be newer boats that have been abandoned, or that the owner wants to dispose of quickly. Email me at FREE BOATS and I'll post your finds for everyone to see.
Also, please be sure to share this page with your fellow boaters - let's get these boats out of the boatyard and back into the water.
Special thanks to David Irving of Boneyard Boats for his help in rescuing old boats, and in providing today's feature boat.