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Friday, September 13, 2013

MORE Free Boats....

Now isn't this a sweet looking boat? It could be yours, free!
WOW! In the last 24 hours, this blog has received over 1500 hits, five times that of any other single day...and all because of the Free Boats post yesterday. There have even been inquiries from as far away as Seattle from people seeking a free boat. Clearly, there's interest in this (d'oh, what was I thinking? Of course there's interest...)
I'm now looking for some more free boats, both sail and power, which I hope to have listed for your perusal by the end of the weekend. These will be a bit more realistic than the beautiful, but impractical (for most people) 1905 Lawley that we first featured.
In other words, you can expect the next boats to be boats that you could consider for yourself, such as a Catalina 22, or a funky but working power cruiser that could make a good liveaboard - that's her in the photo above.
As this feature grows, I'll be adding more boats to it, plus some other special benefits from advertisers. Stay tuned - even if you don't get a boat, you will be able to save money on some of these special offers on the boat you now own.
One final point - if you're truly interested in getting one of these free boats, consider signing up with LiveBloggin' - we are entirely spam free - so that you are notified just as soon as we post these boats. With so many people looking, you don't want to miss the boat of YOUR dreams, do you? You can sign up in the bar to the right, either with Google, or via email.