1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: So much for plans....

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So much for plans....

The plan today was to head out for Great Bridge, about twenty-five miles from here, an easy day but for the bridges that you have to wait on for an opening. That departure didn't happen, a combination of a late night putting a writing assignment together and a dreary, not as predicted morning, and...

...A conversation yesterday with one of my editors resulted in my picking up an extra article. It only (only!) needed to be edited from 2800 to 2000 words. Since most of my readers don't write for a living, let me describe this as a mixed blessing. While it's nice to get the work, that kind of editing is actually more difficult than the original writing, at least I find it so.
Then, again yesterday, a new magazine client picked up one of my submissions. There was an update and a few changes required. Again, all good, and money in the bank but this assignment accounted for the late night.
Finally, today, an article submitted long ago that I thought was history was commissioned, but required extensive updating and the editing of about 250 words to bring it down to a word count of 1000. Again, all good, and it only happened because I was on the internet to take the assignment in a timely manner because of yesterday's blessings.
So, no boat work today, but nonetheless, a good day. Tomorrow will be sunny and warmer - and if I get this last assignment done tonight, and the photos chosen and sent in, I'll be off tomorrow.
And you guys thought it was all rum, palm trees and paradise out here! 

My favourite anchorage in the world...does anyone recognize where this is?

By the way, if you have questions about this trip, or sailing in general, post it and I'll answer it for you. This is your blog as well, so feel free to take part in it!