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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Fun Stuff!

Ok, I need to ask a favour, and it doesn't involve money or anything else but a few minutes of your time! Can you recommend this site to five of your friends, preferably boating friends, and give it a nod on your Facebook account? The numbers are starting to grow, but at this early stage it needs a steady shove.
My hope is to get the blog large enough that it gets attention from major manufacturers of boating 'stuff', whom I plan to hit up regularly for contest prizes and goodies. But we need the numbers and for that, I need you.
And for those lurking anonymously (I know you're there!), go ahead, be brave, sign up, show the world you enjoy having a great time online - with your clothes on even!
Thanks everyone!! And btw, should be a couple more prizes being announced shortly. For one thing, I'm looking at some free night's dockage from a marina, just have to confirm it!