1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Sail to the Sun ICW Rally

Friday, June 12, 2015

Sail to the Sun ICW Rally

We have liftoff! Oh my gosh, do we have liftoff, the space shuttles should do as well.
Just a few days ago I announced that I would be hosting the "Sail to the Sun ICW Rally" this fall, and the response has been astounding. We had people signing up within hours of the announcement, not wanting to miss out on their spot in what will be the best and most enjoyable ICW rally of them all. And last year's was pretty darn good, so that says a lot. We had a great time, as you can see from comments on my website, ICWally.
I want to thank, before I go any further, the folks who were on the original ICW rally with me last year, for all of your best wishes on this venture. All of you are aware of how difficult this decision has been for me, and it was with your encouragement - and because of your encouragement and support - that I decided to launch this new rally. Your hope that others could experience the joys of a trip south on the ICW, such as we had together, has very much inspired me.
So just what will this rally offer to its members? First of all, safety. While the ICW is in and of itself a very safe route to travel, it has its challenges. There is constant shoaling, strong currents, and some confusing inlets to pass through. After 25 transits, I'm aware of all of these and well able to assist new cruisers through them safely.
On top of that, we'll have even more navigational assistance from some of the most knowledgeable people around on the ICW - the staff at our sponsor, Waterway Guide. They will be monitoring the situation ahead of us on a daily basis, letting us know of any new and unexpected problems that might crop up.
Then - there's comfort. Part of being comfortable on a trip such as this is knowing you're being well taken care of. To that end, our itinerary is planned so that no day is too long, or too challenging for even the newest cruiser. Our anchorages are chosen so that they are protected, and with good holding. Marinas are chosen for their convenience to cruisers, and for their amenities.
This, by the way, will be Waterway Guide's doing, as they have over 60 years experience dealing with the marinas on the ICW. They know the route, they know the people, and they'll be taking good care of all of us. And, you can expect some amazing deals for dockage too!
Then there's fun. People going south on the ICW are often a long way from family and friends and the life they used to have. The Sail to the Sun ICW Rally provides a ready made social group of fellow cruisers - people with similar goals and dreams, adventurous souls like you heading out on your cruising dream.
Sailing and traveling together, you'll get to know one another better than even your closest friends back home, as you share gorgeous sunsets, beautiful sailing days, helping one another into the dock, sharing a libation at sundown, potlucks on the beach...

These are people who will become your friends for life...people you'll look forward to seeing in your next anchorage, sharing still more good times with. In the end, that's what cruising is all about - lots of great sunsets, and wonderful new friends.

If you want more information on the Sail to the Sun ICW Rally, contact me via ICW.Wally@gmail.com, or check out my website at ICWally.com and request a brochure while you are there.
I look forward to getting to know you on our way south this fall.