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Friday, June 5, 2015

Next Up - CUBA!

Weather permitting that is! The last few days in George Town Bahamas have been miserable, and so I've been stuck here waiting out squalls, thunderstorms and general mayhem out of the sky.
The predictions, however, have been much worse. Worse still, none of them agree with one another, and I check several on a daily basis: Passageweather, Windfinder, Predict Wind, even Chris Parker!
Ok, I know some of you are saying - Moran, that cheapskate sailor? (I know, that's redundant.) He has a subscription to Parker? When hell freezes over!
Relax, ol' Beelzebub ain't buying iceskates just yet - but I'm going to tell you a not well known fact here. You can listen to Chris' broadcast online, for free, at this site here.  Here is Chris' website, and here is the broadcast schedule along with other relevant information on Chris' services. Just another friendly tip from LiveBloggin'...
The plan now is to start into the Jumentos early next week, continue on to Ragged Island at the bottom, have a visit with Percy Wilson,
who owns the pub there with the DC-3 on top of it, then head over.
The last time I chatted with Percy, he was attempting to salvage a wooden boat that started to sink while transporting 114 Haitian refugees.
Imagine crossing that piece of ocean in THIS boat you see behind Percy. It's about 40 feet, no engine, no head, no deck of any sort. 
The closeup of the interior says 'desperation' in a way that nothing else can.

Leaving Ragged Island, it's a 62 nm trip across to Puerto de Vita, where I'll meet up again with marina manager Tina. She is a former schoolteacher, and began working for the marina because it is much better money due to the tips they receive from boaters.
Tina has been a huge help to the many boaters who have come through Vita, with tips, hints and suggestions.
From there, it's 130 miles east to the cape, then around to the south coast. Let the adventure begin....uh, after this rain and contrary winds all quit that is.

Stay tuned to LiveBloggin' and Sailfeed, as I'll be posting regularly from Cuba using my Delorme Tracker. You can also follow the adventure via Facebook, at Sailing and Cruising, where I'll be making short regular posts on what's happening.
And, don't forget that you can follow my progress here on LiveBloggin' with the 'Where's Wally' feature, this is the link - and yes, the link is now working properly for those who had a problem previously.
For those contemplating their first trip south, or their next one - or for those wanting to relive the memories or assist new cruisers - I've started a new Sailing and Cruising Facebook page, Sailing and Cruising: ICW
This page will feature lots of great tips, techniques and information to make your ICW cruise - the first one or the next one - easier, safer and more fun. After 25 trips on the ICW, I have a few ideas to share, and so will others.
It will also provide snowbirds with an opportunity to make friends before heading out, to join up and socialize with other cruisers heading south, and, in essence, create a sense of community for all. It is already fulfilling those goals as people get to know of others heading south and plans are already being made.
Keep in mind also, if you are heading south and need advice or assistance, you can contact me via the 'Contact' form on this page - the one that keeps pushing up into your view from the bottom right - or you can contact me via Facebook.
Look forward to hearing from you, and also to welcoming you to Sailing and Cruising: ICW.