1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Heading East from Bimini, and a New Crewmember

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Heading East from Bimini, and a New Crewmember

It's hard not to love these islands. Coming from the dirty brown water of the US east coast, your boat is suddenly immersed in a clear turquoise liquid. As you look down at starfish and other marine life, you just marvel at all that you've been missing on your journey south. The arrival alone is a suitable reward for all of your effort in coming south. 
This post will be mostly photos of this trip from Bimini to Georgetown - I'm not feeling particularly literate today, and no, rum was not involved!

On my way across the Banks, I had a new crewmember come aboard - a lovely small bird who spent a considerable amount of time with us exploring the boat...then left after several hours. Great fun watching this little guy. Aduana was quite concerned at the intrusion, but settled down after a while.

No trip to the Bahamas is complete without a $26 hamburger from MacDuffs, on Norman Cay. Yes, you read that right - $26. Beer is only $7...both plus tax!

Yep! $26 for a burger...
View on the beach at Normans Cay - fortunately, it's free!

Sunset at Warderick Wells
Stopped at Exuma Land and Sea Park, otherwise known as Warderick Wells - beautiful here, very natural, what the Bahamas used to be before so much of it was paved over and turned into a parking lot...

Next stop, Staniel Cay...Aduana was fascinated by the nurse sharks at the marina...there are over a dozen of them, attracted by people tossing food into the water around the dock. It's quite the attraction...

Let me leave you with a photo that, for me, expresses the real Bahamas, the Bahamas I came to find...this too was on Staniel Cay in front of the home of a local schoolteacher.