1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: WE'VE WON!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Just in from Scott Berg of the SSCA - the Florida Legislature has adjourned three days early. This ends the current round of fighting to preserve anchoring rights in the state of Florida. In other words, we won. Our rights to anchor in that state have been preserved...for now.
Best of all, I won't have to write (and you won't have to read!) again about this issue for another six months.
Special congratulations to everyone! I hesitate to mention names because I'll be sure to miss some, and there are some who deserve mention who don't want me to mention them, or whose place was on the quiet side of this fight and who can't be mentioned.
So I'll cheat here, and quote from the SSCA's press release - Judy Mkam, Kim Russo, Jim Neff, Mike Bodin, Phil Werndli, Jackie Werndli, G.W. “Casey” Jones, Bob Burns, Sue Ross, Kingsley Ross, Sally Marcinek, Becky DeVillier, Eric Eisle, Brian Davidson, Brian Schaefer, Glenn and Eddie Tuttle, Scott Berg, Ken Chumley, Jay Campbell, Dave Skolnick, Wally Moran, Mike Ahart....and there are more, many more. 
Also, to those leading this fight - Scott Berg, Phil Johnson of the SSCA and Capitol Access and lobbyists Jerry Paul, Robert Shave, and Jamie Miller.
My personal congratulations to everyone I worked with, everyone I spoke to, everyone who shared a post on this, signed the petition, encouraged the leaders or troops, donated money, designed a poster, found emails, or even simply offered to help - every sailor, cruiser and boater everywhere who took even the smallest part in this battle. This was your fight, and YOU all came through in the end.
This is YOUR victory.
YES, I'm babbling...you expect me to be coherent with this news, after this fight? 

After I'm done babbling, I (and probably everyone else in this fight) am going to crack open a fresh new bottle of rum to celebrate.
One of the biggest highlights of this fight was how the entire boating community came together to fight as one against the people who would remove our rights. I personally noticed several new leaders who raised their heads above the gunwhale  - and that is great news. 
I think everyone is much more aware of how strong we really are, what we can accomplish when we put our hearts to it.
That's important because the battle may be won, but this war is not over. Now, we need to consolidate, and to start working towards changes in Florida laws and regulations that will resolve the problems that have led to this ongoing fight. So even though this current battle is over (thank God for that!), there's lots left to do. But now, we have a united boating community to work with, and that will be so important going forward.

In the meantime, however, there are boats to sail, anchorages to find, and sunsets to enjoy. I'm out of here. Next blog will be from Bimini!