1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Moving on to Cuba!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Moving on to Cuba!

It's time to head out, if for no other reason than to play with my new Furlex roller furler. I've been here in south Florida for far, far longer than planned. So the first weather window next week, I'm outta here! Vaminos!!!
As you can see on the chart here, it's off to Bimini, and then on to Eleuthera, down to the Exumas, through to the Jumentos, and then off to Cuba.
From Puerto de Vita, it's east and around to the south coast of Cuba. During this voyage, I'll be visiting Cienfuegos, Trinidad and the other beautiful and historic cities on Cuba's south coast.
I'm also looking forward to exploring Jardines de la Reina - Gardens of the Queen. This area is a beautiful, and remote, region of cays on Cuba's south coast renowned for fabulous diving and some spectacular beaches. It's reputed that you can go for weeks here and never see the Guarda Frontera.
The dockmaster at Hemingway also told me that you can look over the side and watch the lobsters marching along under your boat - and I do love lobster!
area of Jardine de la Reina

one of the many small cays in the Jardine...

From there, it's westward bound to Cayo Largo, and some beach time, then around to the north coast and back to Hemingway to revisit Havana. Then, 115 miles back across the Florida Straits to the Keys.
While I'm away, I'll be using the DeLorme InReach unit to communicate when I don't have easy access to the internet. That will be most of the time - Cuba's communications infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired.
Among its other talents, this unit provides 160 character text messages, plus the ability to create a 'bread crumb' trail of your track. I used it last fall coming south on the ICW Snowbird Rally, and over 8000 people checked it out in a seven week span, so it was pretty popular. My ex-wife's divorce lawyer REALLY thought it was great...(kidding, just kidding!).
You can follow me here, over on this page: Where's Wally? Bookmark it now, and it will be live starting on Monday, April 27. The Where's Wally feature will also appear regularly on my Facebook page, Sailing and Cruising, along with regular updates of the trip.
Hasta la vista, amigos!