1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Sunday Morning, Coming Down and Feeling Great!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Morning, Coming Down and Feeling Great!

Future Skipper? Granma has a boat!
I've been sitting here debating - do I do a serious post today, since there's so much going on, especially regarding the recent anchoring fiasco in Florida? Nah, too nice a day to rehash that muck. Or, maybe a post about all the boat jobs I have to do still, after talking about the ones I got done this week, like the head repair, or the outboard repair, or the upcoming exhaust elbow repair? Nah, WAY too nice a day to even think about that stuff! Or, do I discuss how nice it is to be sitting here, on my boat, with options available like debating this with myself on a Sunday morning?
Yep, that sounds about right...
I'm currently in Lake Sylvia in Fort Lauderdale. This is a large lake surrounded by gazillion dollar homes, right off the ICW. It's reasonably protected, except from waterskiers and wakeboarders, who are permitted to zoom about us at up to 35 mph. Weekends can get a little 'rocky' is what I'm telling you. But otherwise, it's calm, protected, with a great view and wifi from a nearby hotel chain. Life is good.
I've just met several people with whom I've been chatting online for ages. It's fun putting a face to these people I've gotten to know so well. It's also fun having a 'community' around me since, as a singlehander, I'm often on my own. Now I have folks 'visiting' as they go by in the dink, or dropping over, and I get to do the same. Was out for dinner and drinks with a friend up the New River the other day. We watched the megayachts being towed up and down river - really something to watch these tug guys do their jobs, especially when two big boats meet in the narrow channel. Oh, to be THAT good at boathandling. Then there was a SSCA potluck the other evening, met more new friends, and got together with some old ones I haven't seen for a while. More good times. And tonight, meeting up for drinks and a burger, again on the New River. Even spent time with friends from Canada, getting together for dinner with other friends just south of here in Hollywood.
Sign at Camp Lejeune anchorage
My liver is getting a workout in other words...
This social whirl is quite common in the islands of course, but here on the Florida coast, not so much, so I'm very much enjoying myself. I'll probably up anchor tomorrow and move up to another nearby anchorage though, one with easier shore access and a closer proximity to stores and public parks. Everything here is private land.
Hmmm...some housekeeping stuff just came to mind. Thanks to all the new, recent signups. Hopefully by now you've received your free PDF ebooks. If you haven't received them yet, make sure you check your spam folder or, I may have missed you, or the wifi may have bumped you. Let me know if you don't have them yet and I'll send them on.
For those who have been around here for a while, if you want a free copy of the two Dashew PDFs I have available - Surviving the Storm, and Mariners' Weather, use the contact form you see pop-up on the lower right hand side of the page. I'll email you a copy of each. This is the first edition of these books, not the most recent, but free is free! And, Free is Good®!
I've been debating my next move - east to the Bahamas, south through the Keys to the Marquesas and Dry Tortugas, which I've heard are wonderful, or start back north. Each direction - North, East or South - has good reasons for it, so I'm really stuck on what to do. I suppose an answer will come to me, but I'm really not used to being without a destination in mind. I'm open to suggestions here - where do you think I should head for next, and why?
Just south of Mile 1095, ICW, GW in the back corner...
For those following the Sail Snowbird Rally set to leave Norfolk this November, the itinerary is really starting to heat up. Briefly, I'm leading a group of over a dozen new cruisers down the ICW this fall. The idea is to provide camaraderie, convenience, fun, and safety, the last based on my ICW experience with over 20 trips, plus route assistance from a group of other professionals with extensive ICW knowledge.
Recently, we have had several locations - cities and marinas - contact us about putting on some REALLY special events for our group, such as a low country boil at an historic antebellum home in Beaufort SC. We've got marinas putting on parties, special expeditions, potlucks - this event is really coming together in a most exciting way. All of this is in addition to the educational component of seminars, starting at the Annapolis Boat Show. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more, check out the Snowbird Rally page at this link, or message me using the pop-up.
Ok, decision made. I'm off to walk Aduana, and enjoy this gorgeous Sunday. Hope it's as nice where you are at - and special hellos to sailors in Texas, and a new and smiling sailor in North Carolina who got out on the water yesterday - you folks know who you are!