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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gangnam Style, the Sailing Edition...

Last winter, during the Toronto Boat Show, a friend of mine, Adrienne, and I had dinner with my friend Gord and his ladyfriend at her townhouse. A quantity of wine was imbibed - ok, in the interests of accuracy, a large quantity of wine was imbibed - and we got talking about Gangnam Style, by Psy.
Yeah, it's about as hokey a video as I've ever seen, but we thought - wouldn't it be fun to do a version based on sailing? (told you there was a lot of wine involved, didn't I?)
So I'm asking everyone here to help out with this project. Get your friends together, get your smart phone or video camera out, and do a Gangnam style clip involving sailing, your sailboat, boats on the dock, whatever, as long as it's sailing themed. Try to do this in hd if you can. Send that clip to me as an attachment and I'll put them together as the video "Gangnam Style, the Sailing Edition".
Keep in mind the following points - corny is good. Cheesy is better. Weird costumes are great. Tiny bikinis are superb. Tacky is excellent. 
Let's do it folks - Opa GANGNAM STYLE - the Sailing Edition.