1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Crime Scene in Paradise!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Crime Scene in Paradise!

I've been unable to discover any more about last night's shooting just outside the guest house in which I'm staying here in St. Thomas. Even the reporter with whom I spoke last night had no further information - her one comment was that this was the third shooting yesterday, that the police wouldn't discuss anything and "this is how it's done in our little banana republic".
Here is a video of the crime scene. One of the two victims was lying behind the beige Jeep in the picture. There has been comment that the shootings were retaliation in a drug gang scenario.

After this post, I will be heading out to explore St. Thomas, which really is a beautiful place, and then leaving by ferry this afternoon for Tortola to head for the boat. A friend there has invited me to a Captain's party this evening for a regatta being held tomorrow, sounds like it ought to be a great way to learn about Road Town, Tortola....
Details as they happen! Stay tuned to LiveBloggin' the ICW as we explore the Virgin Islands...