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Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm back...sort of!

Ok, you all had your chance to become a world famous blogger by posting here, and you all passed on it! I can't believe it. Ah well....
Since my last post, I've traveled the rest of the Erie Canal (fleeing YeeHaw Junction), stepped the mast at RCR Yachts in Buffalo, and gotten through Lake Erie, the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River, leaving me at Sarnia at the moment.
Sarnia has always been one of my favourite stops, ever since my first visit. Went ashore, asked someone at the club where there was a grocery store. He handed me a hamburger AND A BEER!, and asked, "What do you need a grocery store for?" 
Well, he certainly had a point, didn't he? 
My first night here, I tied to a mooring ball rather than anchor because of the storm threats. Wasn't that a good idea? About a half hour after getting here, a storm hit and the winds spun the boat 180° in a heartbeat. Aduana was out of the v-berth and sitting on my lap about a half a heartbeat after that, poor pup. The winds probably hit close to 50 mph and stayed there for an hour and there I was, tied to a big fat mooring ball - something I usually don't do. Thing is, when I went to anchor, the ball was right there in the dark, so I thought, 'what the hey!'...another example of WallyLuck© in action.
Here's a map of my travels for the last while. Stopped in Port Colborne, Long Point, Port Stanley (some great memories of fun times there), Erieau (which I've often referred to as Eerie-oh! - there's a very shallow gene pool there that someone needs to put some heavy duty bleach into!), Pelee Island (met some great new people there, hello Jay and Aimee) and then Windsor.
Couple of notes of interest: 10% cream for my coffee is $4.09 a quart (litre) as opposed to $4.25 for two quarts in the US. Diesel fuel is $5.25 a gallon, compared to under $4 in the States. Beer, $5 or more per bottle in a pub, vs an average of under $3 in the US, and wine - don't ask. But we have 'free' health care here. 
Folks, the offer to guest blog here remains open....and I'm a bit surprised not to have heard from a certain lady sailor and writer in Boston (helloooo Meredith?), her boss (helloooo Peter?) and a certain Pirate in Urbanna (HELLLOOOOO Doc?) with some interesting tales...Oh yes, a Seafarer owner in St. Simons (helloooo James?), and some people who own a gorgeous Hinckley Bermuda 40 (helloooo Pat and Joe?). And Terri! 
Helloooo, is anyone listening?
Erie east, out of Buffalo - light winds, motored most of the way

Winds on the nose - as per usual

Actually got to sail from Point Pelee to Pelee Island. From Pelee Is. went to the Detroit River