1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Hooking up on the Jersey Coast...oh my!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hooking up on the Jersey Coast...oh my!

Ok, you're thinking....just what has this goof done this time? Well, I got hooked up with a couple of lovely young things on my way up the Jersey coast....one was named Bonita, as in Tuna, and the other was Spanish, as in Spanish Mackeral. Yes, I had the fishing line out, because everywhere you looked, and I do mean everywhere, you'd see the water jumping and splashing as big fish (like the ones I caught) were chasing little fish. You could actually see the fish as they rolled at the surface - not one or two, but ten or twenty at a time. I've never seen the water so active! So I 'hooked' a couple of fish...what did you think I meant?
Aduana of course got really excited as I reeled these beauties in, barking and peering over the side of the boat as they came up to it. 
So - it was fresh fish for dinner three nights in a row, and mmmmm...was it good! 
Congratulations to my friends Wendy and Mike - they've just bought a new boat and are now nearly home in Toronto with it, having brought it up the Hudson River and through the Canal - in fact, only a few days ahead of me. 
I'm currently in Kingston, NY - beautiful little town. One more day to Castleton on Hudson, where the mast comes down, then the next day, into the canal system. I'll be taking a day out early next week to drive up to Boston to visit the crew at SAIL Magazine (you've been warned guys!), then it's 'west young man, go west', heading for Buffalo and Lake Erie...and home.