1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Threatened Boater Appeals for Help

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Threatened Boater Appeals for Help

Hello everyone - sometimes we wonder why we do what we do, then we get a letter or comment from someone that makes sense of it all. That letter, from one of you people here, follows, and we all need to read it, and hear what this man is saying - that he's living in fear for his lifestyle and his livelihood because he's chosen to speak out - in America. We all know I'm not American, but as a Canadian I share with you the values of freedom and free speech. What is happening here is wrong and fully justifies our strongest opposition to this new legislation in Florida. You may never have been politically active before, but now it's time to take a stand for what we know is right. Mike, and others like him, like us actually, need your help. Let's get this done so we can live in peace and security, not in fear because we choose to live a different lifestyle that others may disapprove of. Thank you for your support. Wally Moran ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Wally. Saw your feature in New Times. I'm getting a bit nervous as they are stickering and threatening some boat removals at my anchorage. They're claiming they are derelict and they're probably right on these particular boats. The Marine patrol have indicated that they want the liveaboards out but they seem to be focusing on the lower income status folks and haven't approached me about anything. I'm a bit nervous being so vocal and I've sort of ranted on facebook and Diedre from New Times will be printing an interview she did with me a couple of weeks back. I' guess I'm just reaching out to you because it seems you've been vocal too. I'm frankly worried about rocking the boat as they've largely left me alone so far. I fear a retaliation once the article comes out. Anyhow. I guess I don't really need any advice until something happens . My livelihood is a bit at stake as I have my office 2 blocks from anchor and dumped all my eggs in the liveaboard basket, so to speak. If they start illegally trying to remove us, what the heck do we do? I don't know that I can afford a maritime lawyer. Do I just refuse to leave? Just trying to think ahead and/ or worried ! Thanks for listening :) Mike