1 LiveBloggin' the ICW: Heading Down the Bay, Part III, Reedville to Hampton

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heading Down the Bay, Part III, Reedville to Hampton

Daren, my friend and crew for this trip, is having fun with hats....I think I brewed this morning's coffee a bit too strong.
Yesterday's Reedville vs Deltaville decision was made for us by the weather. As we found ourselves nearing Reedville, the winds moved into the south, and the waves built a bit, just enough to slow our progress to the point where a daylight arrival wasn't going to happen if we continued to D'ville.
So Reedville it was, which meant a bowl of the best crab bisque on the Chesapeake Bay in this little dockside restaurant beside Jennings Boatyard.
Now this isn't a tourist place, it's a local pub and that's obvious when you walk in. In Annapolis, for close to $10, you get a watery bowl of soup that a blue crab might have looked at. Maybe. If you're lucky.
Here, for $7, you get at least three times the usual amount of crab in a bowl - the owner told me the how she made it several years ago, I don't recall the exact amount...but every spoonful of bisque is full of meat. Lots of meat.
To give you an idea, if you walk out back of the place, they have close to a dozen water trays where they keep crabs, in season, for peelers and for making fresh soup. Let's face it, short of the crab jumping into the bowl while you watch, it don't get fresher!  I had to stop myself from licking the bowl.
Here's this morning's view in the anchorage. Couldn't ask for better. Out on the bay though, it's a bit lumpier and we're moving along at 5-6 knots. Winds are W 15, and we have some current with us now. I expect we'll arrive in Hampton around 5:30, just in time for happy hour.
The winds are expected to back to NW later in the day, which will make for an even better sail, since it will also put the waves behind us. Right now, we've got 1 -2 feet on the beam, making it bouncy. Not bad, just not as good as it could be.
I shouldn't be complaining, should I? Too many of you reading this are sitting at home, rather than sailing, or putting your boats away for the season. A shame you aren't out here with us, heading south. Hurry up and join us!
Talking about heading south, here's some of the Canadian Navy at about 7 am this morning.... anchored off the town of Reedville.
Once in Hampton, I'll be getting ready for the SAIL ICW Snowbird Rally, 19 boats leaving on November 1, destination Miami around December 15 - 20. This will be a fabulous and fun trip south, with lots of cool events planned.
You can follow our progress, and even see where I am right now, at WheresWally.
One last view of Reedville, and the most important member of the crew: Aduana, the WonderPuppy...see you in Hampton!