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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Important New Articles, Video on Florida Anchoring

I hope this sort of post isn't becoming tedious to you folks, because I'm quite tired of sounding off about this whole issue. I'd rather be out sailing.
However, if we don't act now, it may very soon be too late. I was told, while in Toronto for the Port Credit Boat Show last weekend, that cottagers on Georgian Bay and other Canadian waters, are watching what is happening in Florida. If these restrictive laws pass there, you can expect to see them where you boat, whether that's Canada, the US east coast, or on the Great Lakes. We NEED you to weigh in on this issue, if only to protect your own boating rights from this sort of interference.
Here is an excellent article from Practical Sailor by Jim Flannery - he has nailed the situation precisely.
Here is a video I've produced regarding the Vero Beach meeting and the state of the law regarding anchoring in FL. If you agree with this, please share it.

Lastly, make your views known to the FWC and the state of Florida by emailing Major Richard Moore directly, at Moore's email.  Make sure he knows that if these sorts of restrictive anchoring laws are passed, you will choose to spend your money elsewhere than Florida.
Please copy your letters to this blog, we will reproduce all of them. You can email them to me at Mailboat. Thanks!